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Microfluidics and Microscopy Deliver a Better Blood Clot Diagnostic American Society of Mechanical Engineering
Voter registration for Tuesday’s election ‘shatters’ records in San Luis Obispo CountyKCBX, Central Coast Public Radio
Midterms 2018: San Luis Obispo mayoral raceKCBX, Central Coast Public Radio
Making Poems Out of Ballot Measures: #haikuthepropsKQED’s The California Report
Stem Cells Heal Damaged Muscle, Doing What Surgery Can’tAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineering
Central Coast Curious: How did mustard 'invade' our coast?KCBX, Central Coast Public Radio
Sea otters found to be “touch specialists”KCBX, Central Coast Public Radio
Wasting wastewater: new report identifies water recycling opportunitiesKCBX, Central Coast Public Radio
Battery Capacity Gets a BoostAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineering
Santa Barbara’s Compost GapSanta Barbara Independent
Fiberscope Lets Scientists Look Deeper Into the BrainAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineering
Top Brass Testifies in Refugio Oil Spill TrialSanta Barbara Independent
Refugio Oil Spill Trial Sludges AlongSanta Barbara Independent
Tajiguas Landfill Gets Expedited Expiration DateSanta Barbara Independent
Refugio Oil Spill Trial Suggests Warning Signs Hid in Plains’ SightSanta Barbara Independent
Slow Start for Refugio Oil Spill Pipeline TrialSanta Barbara Independent
Santa Barbara County Conservation Blueprint Maps Our Past, Present, and FutureSanta Barbara Independent
What’s Next for Platform Holly?Santa Barbara Independent
Pesticide Use on the Rise in Santa Barbara CountySanta Barbara Independent
Nicholas Kristof Hashes Out How To HelpSanta Barbara Independent
Push to Scale Up Cell Therapy ManufacturingAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineering
Sheer Number Of Attacks On Health Facilities In Syria Shocks ResearcherNPR Goats and Soda
For 50 Years, Deep-Water Trawls Likely Caught More Fish Than Anyone ThoughtNPR The Salt
Antarctic Veggies: Practice For Growing Plants On Other PlanetsNPR The Salt
Grocery Stores Get Mostly Mediocre Scores On Their Food Waste EffortsNPR The Salt
Canada To Measure Marijuana Use By Testing SewageNPR Shots
Syria Systematically Harasses Medical Aid ConvoysNPR Goats and Soda
Surgeon General Urges More Americans To Carry Opioid Antidote* – NPR Shots
What Chinese Tariffs Targeting American Crops Will Mean For Farmers* – NPR The Salt
Comic Relief Tries To Improve Its Charity Ads. How's It Doing?NPR Goats and Soda
The Hairdos Of An Ivory Coast Artist Send A #MeToo MessageNPR Goats and Soda
How Social Media Can Reveal Overlooked Drug ReactionsNPR Shots
How Happy Is The Country With The Biggest Gains In Happiness?NPR Goats and Soda
Do Backyard Chickens Need More Rules?NPR The Salt
Questions And Answers About Opioids And Chronic Pain* – NPR Shots
Tattoo You: Immune System Cells Help Keep Ink In Its Place NPR Shots
Mysteries of the Moo-crobiome: Could Tweaking Cow Gut Bugs Improve Beef?NPR The Salt
The Rise Of Yeast: How Civilization Was Shaped By Sugar FungiNPR The Salt, NPR Books
No One's Quite Sure Why Lassa Fever Is On The Rise NPR Goats and Soda
Toddler Milks: Filling A Nutritional Need Or A Marketing Niche?NPR The Salt
U.K. Supermarkets To Ban Energy Drinks For Shoppers Under 16NPR The Salt
Bill Gates Addresses 'Tough Questions' On Poverty And Power* – NPR Goats and Soda
Scaffold-Grown Tumor Cells to Personalize Cancer TreatmentsAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineering
'Invisibilia': The Otherworldly Alien Hand Syndrome, Animated* – NPR Shots
A Banana Grown At Subzero Temps Also Has An Edible Peel  – NPR The Salt
A Surgical Robot With Big AmbitionsAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineering
Ancient Turkey Bones In Mexico Reveal A Strange Relationship With HumansNPR The Salt
How To Drive Down Smoking In Groups That Still Light UpNPR Shots
The Cheese Does Not Stand Alone: How Fungi And Bacteria Team Up For A Tastier RindNPR The Salt
Viral Video From A Somali Comic Conquers The InternetNPR Goats and Soda
The Far Out History Of How Hippie Food Spread Across AmericaNPR The Salt, NPR Books
California Bill Would Mandate On-Campus Access To Abortion PillsNPR Shots
Standing, Desk or Not, Is A Big Part Of Many JobsNPR Shots

*Produced web version of radio/video piece